• Initial Consultation


    At the first meeting we discuss both your aspirations and practical needs for the garden. The outcome of these discussions is a comprehensive design brief. The site may be measured, documented and photographed at this stage or arrangements made for this to be done on a separate visit. If you can supply either hard or digital copies of survey drawings, site plans or builder's drawings it can assist in the process. The cost of the design is estimated at this time.

  • Design


    A plan is drawn based on site plans and measurements taken on site. It shows existing features that are to be retained and then serious consideration is given to the actual design, taking into account all of the information provided at the initial consultation. Generally a Concept Plan will be drawn up and presented to you for approval before the final Landscape Plan is drawn. However it is sometimes possible to proceed straight to the Landscape Plan.

  • Concept Plan

    Concept b

    The concept plan is usually a sketch showing the the proposed layout of the garden and possible features but it is often a digital drawing, particularly if a CAD site plan has been provided. If required, options are presented to compare different layouts. When this plan has been reviewed and agreed upon a detailed landscape plan is prepared.

  • Landscape Plan

    plan a

    The Landscape Plan is the detailed plan showing all the elements of the garden including which plants go where. A Plant Schedule sets out the name of each type of plant and how many of each is required. It is sometimes necessary to provide separate drawings for the hard and soft landscaping and detailed drawings of particular features such as waterfeatures. There is an increasing trend for the Landscape Plan to be drawn using CAD software rather than being hand drawn.

  • Plan Implementation


    We can introduce you to a landscape contractor who will provide you with a quote to implement the plan. We can then monitor progress if required. Alternatively, you can use the landscape plan to obtain comparative quotes from a number of landscape contractors.